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T pot and T cup

The new teapot from Stelton embraces time-honoured tea-drinking traditions as well as modern design inspired by the Bauhaus period. Practicality is the top priority, with the built-in holder for a tea-light to ensure the tea says hot for a long time. The teapot has a large tealeaf strainer to allow the leaves to expand while the tea is infusing. When the tea is ready to serve, the strainer can be easily removed from the pot.

The glass teacup is of the same modern design as the teapot, and is clearly inspired by the Bauhaus era. This set is just perfect for the tea aficionado with a penchant for simplicity of design.

• The glass teapot with tea-light holder to keep the tea hot
• The teapot sits cleverly above the tea-light holder
• Includes tea strainer
• Matching glass teacup with solid handle
• Dishwasher safe


Design (2014): Knud Holscher


Technical data
Width: Pot – 15/21cm
Cup – 8.5/11.5 cm
Height: Pot including warmer – 20 cm / cup – 8.5 cm
Material: glass, brushed stainless steel and matt plastic

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